John and Marie Acampora

John and Marie Acampora went looking for digital pianos , found out about all the amazing features on our Omega and become owners. Have a lot of fun and enjoyment!

Mr. Celaya

Mr Celaya of Silmar, is one of many people who have traveled from other counties and far away areas to take advantage of great pianos with great deals at Piano Empire Megastore. He has an amazing ear, and taught himself theory.

Robin and Lynn

Robin and Lynn will now take the time away from Law to become famous pianists one day. For now though, it will be a stress relief hobby. =) Make great music together guys.

The Goldsmith Family

The Goldsmith Family will now, after much investigation and an offer they couldn’t refuse, be enjoying the beautiful sounds of a Grand Plano with Player System. Enjoy !!!

Jasmine & Daughter

Jasmine showing off her daughter next to the amazing looking wood grain Empire Oak (not your typical oak) She was looking for the premium sound and bought this Perzina 122 in Art Deco case and has a slow fallboard that won’t cone down and hurt little fingers. Enjoy!!
Wang Family at Piano Megastore

We Welcome the Wang Family

Okay…Ms Wang and her father came to the store 2 weeks ago. Returned with the grand daughter and the grand mama . Grand parents visiting from China wanted to buy a special hand made piano for grand daughter. Another Perzina to the rescue. Enjoy!!
Wozny Family at Piano Megastore

We Welcome the Wozny Family

Buying a nice size piano as the Wozny Family did with this 6 foot 2 inch Sapele Mahogany is going to make their house sound like a Concert Hall. It was a pleasure helping them find this beauty. Enjoy!!