Val & Malou Rizaldo

Val and Malou Rizaldo, with their 12 year old daughter with their new studio piano..
Rob & Teri Burns

Rob & Teri Burns

Rob & Teri Burns and their new Falcone vertical piano.

The Wang Family.

The Wang family with their beautiful new Perzina Queen Anne grand piano.

Brian Mills & the Mills Brothers

A little humor for those of you who remember the “Mills Brothers” vocal group.  Here’s most of the family before picking up their Omega digital piano.

Maria & Jose Fernendez

Maria & Jose Fernendez and their beautiful ribbon mahogany baby grand.

Jennifer & Elliot Heyl

Jennifer & Elliot Heyl and their beautiful art case piano which will soon have a QRS player system installed

Julia Newmann

Julia Newmann

Cody Westheimer and Julia Newmann

Cody Westheimer and Julia Newmann are a couple who are film and television composers who have searched for the right piano for months. They ended up buying a Perzina because of sound,build, and price.They had traveled down from Santa Monica 3 times to make the final decision. Julia sc

The Fisher Family

The Fisher Family have shopped from Pasadena to Inland Empire but in the end purchased from the place  right around the corner from were they lived. Enjoy your beautiful Ebony Polished Grand Fisher family !